MicroSalt Inc. Files Additional Patent for MicroSalt®

MicroSalt, the developer and manufacturer of a remarkable new low-sodium salt called MicroSalt®, announces today that it has filed an additional patent application #16/535,703 for MicroSalt® entitled “Improved Low Sodium Salt Composition.”

The application is directed to an improved low-sodium salt that attaches to a bulk carrier with enhanced electrostatic force, to help improve adhesion to a variety of food surfaces.

MicroSalt® is a proprietary salt made with micron-size salt particles that dissolve in the mouth significantly faster than regular salt, delivering an increased sensation of saltiness with much less salt, and as a result approximately 50% less sodium.

Victor Hugo Manzanilla, CEO of MicroSalt said, “In addition to MicroSalt® current disruptive technology which helps consumers reduce sodium consumption, we have taken a step forward to help solve a critical challenge for snack manufacturers: salt adhesion to their food during shipping and display.”

Snack food manufacturers have continued to face major problems with inconsistent flavor and product waste, possibly losing loyal customers over time and increased manufacturing costs from having to add more salt to each package to over-compensate for settling. By the time consumers purchase and actually open bags of salty snack foods, often inconsistent salt flavor occurs due to poor salt adhesion with the wasted salt endong up at the bottom of the bag.

“Consumers lose taste and snack food manufacturers lose money. Manufacturers struggle to maintain a consistent flavor profile for their products across the supply chain due to the weight and poor attachment of regular salt. The new MicroSalt® technology solves this problem by increasing salt adhesion so consumers can enjoy the full flavor they expect, with up to 50% less sodium,” said Manzanilla.