MicroSalt® Given Go-Ahead for Snack Food Company Full Scale Production Run

Food ingredient MicroSalt® confidence grows as a diversified snack food manufacturing company gives the green light for a full production run of its snack food brand using Salarius’ patented MicroSalt®.

The snack food market is highly competitive, with snack food manufacturers competing for shelf space with competitor brands at small, mid-size and large leading retailers. One way these snack food manufacturers are differentiating themselves in such a crowded market is by having a heathier alternative version of their most popular brands, and they are learning they can do that without sacrificing the taste of their products.

“MicroSalt® is perfect for dry surface snack food applications like potato chips, tortilla chips, nuts, crackers, popcorn and many other snacks. Many of these food manufacturer R & D departments and food technologists are sampling MicroSalt® and can’t believe how great it tastes for being 50% less sodium. From trying a sample, to moving forward with a full production run, is an exciting endeavor with this customer collaboration,” says Victor Hugo Manzanilla, CEO of Salarius.

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