MicroSalt Inc. secures premier contract sales partner for Saltme!® Snacks

MicroSalt Inc. has just signed an agreement with iLevel Brands Inc as part of its North American launch of its new innovative SaltMe!® snack line. iLevel Brands is one of the leading manufacturer sales partners in the natural/organic/specialty food space.

This agreement represents an important milestone for our new SaltMe!® snack line, and believe it will brand awareness and accelerate retail brand placements across the entire East Coast, Midwest and Southwest geographic areas of the United States.

“We are very excited about our alliance with iLevel Brands which will enable us to present our new innovative brand SaltMe!® full flavor- low sodium snacks to numerous distributors and retailers in an accelerated time frame.” says Victor Hugo Manzanilla, CEO of MicroSalt.

“iLevel Brands is proud to partner with MicroSalt. They have created a groundbreaking and innovative solution to the challenges of sodium reduction in formulations. We prefer representing brands like SaltMe!® because they have created a new and innovative solution to an important problem in the industry and their growth potential is unlimited. We look forward to growing with MicroSalt and having a long-term partnership in the natural products industry” said David Abrahams, CEO of iLevel Brands.

SaltMe!® all natural potato chips are made with MicroSalt®, MicroSalt Inc. ’ proprietary salt made with micronsize salt particles that dissolve in the mouth significantly faster than regular salt, delivering an increased sensation of saltiness with much less salt, and as a result approximately 50% less sodium. Non-GMO, all Natural, Kosher and Gluten Free, without sacrificing a full salt flavor profile or salty taste.

The highly competitive global sweet and savory snacks market is expected to reach USD 219.6 billion in 2024.

SaltMe!® Snacks with MicroSalt® is a better for you snack food whose time has come.

About iLevel Brands Inc
iLevel Brands is on a mission to reinvent the broken broker model. We are committed to a fixed number line list preferring to grow our topline by focusing on growing the topline of our brands. We’ll show you how a smaller team with superior skills, focus and a set of technology tools can outperform “head count”.

Our model is simple. We look for companies to partner with where we see significant growth potential by simply putting in the effort. When you focus on the opportunities, eliminate obstacles and actually WORK the line, GROWTH happens. Many times, it’s not just low hanging fruit, its fruit on the ground. If this sounds like something you are not getting right now, it’s quite possible your brand is the perfect fit for us.