SaltMe!® gets approval for speed to market

MicroSalt Inc. LLC announce that their brand SaltMe!® Full Flavor, Less Sodium potato chips will hit the market with full force due to the approval of the speed-to-market program. SaltMe!® chips are guaranteed to be in at least 71 stores by May 2020.

This action represents an important milestone for SaltMe!® new low-sodium, full flavor potato chip snack line, because thousands of customers will be able to find and buy the new chips much faster than other regular launches.

SaltMe!® potato chips are made with MicroSalt®, a proprietary salt (also owned by Salarius) made with micron-size salt particles that dissolve in the mouth significantly faster than regular salt, delivering an increased sensation of saltiness with much less salt, and as a result, it delivers 50% less sodium. SaltMe!® potato chips are Non-GMO, all Natural, Kosher and Gluten Free.